The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I intend to create a repository of memories, experience(s), interaction etc. with spoken Irish in America. It is important that these are preserved and protected for future generations and research. This information will add to our understanding of the history of spoken Irish in America and spoken Irish in America today. The first step in my research is the collection of all this information. The research is focused on several people:

  • People who have memories of spoken Irish in America when they were younger;
  • People who have heard stories about spoken Irish in American a long time ago;
  • People who spoke/speak Irish in America;
  • Anyone who has any information (no matter how small you may feel it to be) on spoken Irish in America now or historically.

I need your help in helping spread the word. I’d be very grateful if people could send me these stories/ this information ( Please make sure to add your name, your location, and the place to which the information refers. Please understand that it is the intention that these stories be edited (if necessary) and published and/or made available for general public reference.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any suggestions, questions or comments.

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About Me

Originally from Co. Limerick, Dr Dillon graduated with a PhD from Mary Immaculate College (University of Limerick) in 2008. His main research interests lie in the Irish language of the 19th Century, particularly among Irish communities outside of Ireland. He moved to Dublin in 2008 where he taught for a period at St Patrick’s College Drumcondra. Dr Dillon has been working at WIT since September 2009 where he was the first Irish language lecturer on the BA Arts (Hons) programme. He has given lectures and classes in Ireland, the UK, Poland and the US. Dr Dillon is Programme Leader for the BA Arts (Hons).

Publications (under the Irish version of his name ‘Ó Diollúin’)
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